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Community, Environment and Policy

Daniel DerksenDivision Director: Daniel Derksen MD
Contact: Jacqueline Leon, Administrative Associate
(520) 626-4912

The Community, Environment and Policy Division represents a diverse group of faculty members who engage in teaching, service and research on the many different areas of environmental and community health.

Research interests and expertise are primarily focused in the major areas of public health that relate to the environment, community, workplace, health policy and health management. More...

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Zhao ChenDivision Director: Zhao Chen Ph.D.,MPH
Contact: Laura Brown, Administrative Associate
(520) 626-7914

Epidemiology advances the knowledge of disease causation and natural history using rigorous and systematic study design and methods, illuminating the impact of biomedical, environmental, behavioral and social forces on the health of populations.

Biostatistics ensures excellence in the application of statistical principles to public health research and in the training of health professionals. More...

Health Promotion Sciences

John EhiriDivision Director: John E. Ehiri, PhD, MPH, MSc
Contact: Alayna Voutsas, Administrative Associate
(520) 626-6317

Health promotion sciences focus on the biological, psychological, societal, cultural, and organizational factors that are risk factors for disease or injury and use this knowledge to promote health risk factor reduction and improve health status.

Prevention and health promotion areas of emphasis at the College include: nutrition, physical activity, tobacco, alcohol, and substance abuse, women's health, child health, minority health, international health, violence against women, cancer prevention, AIDS, health education, prevention science, program evaluation, quality of care improvement, patient empowerment, chronic disease self-management, and quality of life assessment. More...

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