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MS in Environmental Health Sciences

The MS in Environmental Health Sciences is offered by the Division of Community, Environment, and Policy. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Environmental Health Sciences provides the critical link between environmental and occupational exposures and human health.

The Master of Science degree is designed for individuals who seek training in environmental health research. It is anticipated that graduates will occupy positions as project leaders, program directors, and research personnel in academic, government, corporate, community group, and industrial settings.

The overall course of study will be developed by the student and their Faculty Advisor. The MS degree program requires approximately two years for completion including development and defense of a research thesis.

MS students may be admitted to the PhD program after successful completion of the MS degree.

MS in Environmental Health Sciences Curriculum

MS in Environmental Health Sciences Competencies and Assessment Methods

Required Major Courses (21 units)

Elective Courses

Minimum of 15 elective units required for the MS - approved by Faculty Advisor*

Students select courses in areas of emphasis: Exposure and Risk Assessment; Climate and Health; Environmental Contaminant Modeling; or Occupational Health and Safety.

*Students should contact their EHS Faculty Advisor for a suggested listing of elective courses. In addition, there are a great majority of other University courses that can serve as electives for the MS in Environmental Health Sciences. Please consult with the Faculty Advisor regarding other University courses which would fulfill the elective requirements.

Required Master's Thesis: CPH 910 (6 units)

Environmental Health Sciences Faculty

Paloma Beamer

Associate Professor
(520) 626-0006

Jeff Burgess

Associate Dean for Research
(520) 626-4918

Robert Canales

Assistant Professor
(520) 621-0146

Philip Harber

Professor of Public Health
(520) 626-1263

Eric Lutz

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-4938

Mary Kay O'Rourke

Associate Professor
(520) 626-6835

Kelly Reynolds

Associate Professor
(520) 626-8230

Terrence Stobbe

Associate Professor
(520) 6267946

The University of Arizona